Nepal 2016

Saturday, 9 January 2016

The heritage rich and the culture huge, Kathmandu.

Walking through the streets of Kathmandu opens your eyes if you choose to look to the rich heritage of the unique place. Many travel to Kathmandu, Nepal, and have their minds opened to the world of possibilities available.

Moving away from the tourist hub of Kathmandu, Thamel, the rich history of it begins to unfold and Hindu and Buddhist way of life emerges. Not as an individual but as collective belief systems and customs that create an energy that gives Kathmandu a vibration that can be felt and infects your soul with a peace, excitement and wonder.

This is the oldest Buddha in Kathmandu
The 15th century stupa in Thahti Square, the intricate passage ways that lead to the 9th century stone depiction of Shiva, or the statue of Buddha only about 60cm high and remaining in one of the many intersections since the 5th or 6th century. In the same intersection and very at peace sits a Ganesh depiction, ornately adorned with marigolds and dye from numerous offerings. Needless to say there is an eclectic mix of vendors selling spices, pottery, sweets, and clothing among other things in every direction.

The streets are adorned with prayer flags and so many stupas and temples it is hard not to become curious about the way in which the Nepalese practice their unique way of life, merging a belief in themselves and what will be provided for them if they practise a true and just way of life.

The place is truly unique, a value on the way of life of the people here and the meaning of all the sacred and distinctly historical value of the temples, shrines and symbols of devotion give a beautiful opportunity for anyone to find the value in the culture as it is and in the now, an opportunity for reflection about the space we may find sacred at home and how after leaving here if things will be in a new perspective.


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