Nepal 2016

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Culture and Heritage

My culture, my heritage, what does it all mean?

So many actors in my life shape my worldview.  My experience in within my family, my education, my work place, my community.  All of these experiences set parameters in my life and are based on my cultural heritage.

The fast paced Western environment I live in provides me with so much individualised structure, but the collective structure seems to be lost with so much that is on offer in life and keeps me busy and moving.

When exploring new and foreign environments that some consider third world, the deep cultural history and heritage of the environments shine through the difficulties sometimes seen when first impressions are taken.  The depth of the smallest gesture in a new culture has meaning initially I do not understand in the time and space provided to me.  However by exploring my previously acknowledged worldview I have a great opportunity to understand the importance heritage of a culture plays in the lives of those around me.

It really makes me question the heritage of my family and how I came to use the small gestures I do at home and where these gestures have originated from?  Do you ever consider the way in which you great someone at our home or within your community?  Do you sit at the table to eat your dinner or do you sit on the couch?  Do you grow your own vegetables or have you always used a particular brand of product?  Seems like a little of an odd question but so many things in our lives are shaped not only by those around us but by the people that generationally have formed part of our foundations.

Do you feel connected to your country, your community, your home?

What is your perspective?

Kristy Waddell


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