Nepal 2016

Monday, 18 January 2016

Feelings of peace in Nepal

Let the practices of those in Nepal help you find a space of peace and enlightenment. So many opportunities to see, hear and feel your own soul.

Pashupatinath, said to be the beginning of pilgrimage to Buddhism. The beauty of walking through this space was mind blowing. The wailing and noise that was created by those returning the dead to the afterlife was both enchanting and beautiful. The smell of smoke that filled the air, filled your lungs with a sense of life that has left the chests of those that gave their lives back to the water of the sacred river. Getting lost in the sea of people there to connect to Shiva, gave a sense of the depth of culture that makes Nepal. Being lost in the crowd was not possible as the compassion and gratitude that fills the air holds you in it's arms and carries you through the new process of understanding.

Even after the earthquakes that rocked Nepal, the magnificent energy that flows through you as you walk around the stupa of the Boudhanath, and consider the thirteen steps to enlightenment, not only flows through you but connects you to all living beings residing within the walls. Looking down on the stupa from above provides you with a vantage that reminds you of the magnificent mandalas that dot the shop fronts. The Tibetan influence of the dragons a reminder of the historical significance of Tibet in Nepal. The steps of enlightenment no longer adorn the top of the stupa, however this only reflects teachings of Buddhism, nothing in life is permanent.

The next stop through the streets of Nepal, was a visit to Bhaktapur, until the 15th century, the capital of Nepal. It holds many unique and historical places of worship, and museums. Even the Kamari princess resides within her palace walls in Bhaktapur, tucked away until she reaches puberty. So many early century pieces to take in and historical buildings to behold. The city that will capture your heart, not only for it's treasures but for the beautiful people that reside here.

"Born as a Sakya Prince, Buddha analysed the mysteries of life. Through meditation he attained enlightenment and preached the realities of the world to the rest of the world." Suyog Prajupati, Glimpses from Nepal and Tibet.

Do you find a space that you can feel the energy of those around you, uplifting you and allowing you time to be held by love and compassion? We all need these spaces in life, how do you achieve these moments of peace in a hectic western life?

What's your perspective?

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