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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you"

14th July 2017

So sometimes in life it takes numerous set backs and many hurdles to recognise the opportunities in life you have in front of you and move forward.  Grab it with both hands and move forward.

Over the last six years I would say I have actively engaged in a journey of my life and understanding what it offers me.  And for the first time in my life I see a path openeing up that dosen't seem a never ending exploration but a definitive opportunity to create a version of myself that no longer floats but has found terra-firma and started to build a foundation of self-love, grattitude and an overwhelming desire to be the best I can be for me.

It has all seemed like fluff and white wash but for some reason I woke up four days ago, as I had been for some time at 4am and laid there with this overwhelming feeling of finally being free of the mud.  I got up and I went to the gym!

I can tell you that with the weight I had accumulated this is no easy feat.  I got up, got dressed and left the house and now 4 days later I haven't looked back.  I have struggled these last four days and I have found that my body is screaming at me, not so much in terms of pain but simply breaking a habit of staying in bed and not getting the day started.  Its a tough gig having to drive into town 16km at 5am but if I don't change it, I never will.  I have gained 16-20kg since my foot was operated on 15mths ago and I think I have finally flicked a switch back on that requires me to start the cogs turning.

I decided I just don't want to be tired any longer, not tired or sick or whinging about any of it. I want to get up, feel great, eat well and move more.  It truly is as simple as that and I have started.

Day One

Day Four
I guess I am hoping that by detailing a little of my journey, shaking off some of the mud, I might be able to track a progress of self development that until now has been a very personal experience.  It might help keep the momentum and it might not but if I can inspire myself to keep moving forward by doing so then it can only be a positive.

People ebb and flow through life and no two journeys are alike but time to start the momentum rolling on mine in a lighter way, starting with my health and fitness.  What I hope to achieve through this blog is not only a fitness aspect but sharing details of the holistic approach I am trying to take through the many things I have learned over the past 40 years from many professionals, friends and acquaintances.

I look forward to using this knowledge and many wondrous experiences I have had to share my gratitude with you and develop a love of new opportunities to grow and learn.

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